Training Plan

Charity, Cycling and Craic!

Official training for Galway Cycle 2018 will begin in January. From here, distances will increase by 10km each week.

You must attend at least 2 mandatory cycles throughout the training – one in February and one in March. You have a choice of 2 weekends in each month. These cycles are enforced to ensure that all participants are comfortable with cycling in a group prior to the weekend of the cycle.

Training leaves from the gates of the South Campus of Maynooth University each Saturday and Sunday at 10am (longer cycles later in training may leave at 9am).  Please keep an eye on the Facebook page for the latest updates on training (e.g. weather, etc.)

If you have any questions on this, or think you can’t attend the requisite mandatory cycles, please contact

January 6th/7th Introductory 10 km and Special Day for Beginners
January 13th/14th 20 km
January 20th/21st 30 km
January 27th/28th 40 km
February 3rd/4th 50 km
February 10th/11th MANDATORY 60 km
February 17th/18th MANDATORY 60 km
February 24th/25th 70 km
March 3rd/4th MANDATORY 80 km
March 10th/11th MANDATORY 90 km
March 17th/18th 100 km
March 24th/25th 110 km, last big cycle
March 31st/April 1st 60 km tapered
April 6th G DAY!! 🙂
Home again on April 8th